My Oily & Krunchy Story

If you have known our family for any length of time, it will be no surprise that we are working our way towards a more frugal and healthier lifestyle.  That includes everything — what foods we eat and what products we use on us and in our home.

After learning about healthier foods, I started learning about the toxicity of products that I had used cleaning my home and my babies!  A while back I heard about the Johnson & Johnson revising their baby wash formula to contain fewer harmful chemicals. Really? A BABY wash? With harmful chemicals?! My head just about popped off since that is what I use (or used!) on my babies. There must be something better for us! I just didn’t know what it was.

Around that time, my daughter got a stomach bug – she woke up one evening throwing up and I texted Liz (as a friend stressing out to another friend who just happens to be a lactation consultant!) “She has her first stomach bug! I can’t believe she won’t even keep down breast milk!”

Liz told me to send my husband to get some peppermint oil for our daughter and some thieves oil for the rest of us to put on. I said “thanks but no thanks!” and sent him to get some Pedialite instead. He came home and reported (to his already KindaKrunchy wife) that the only flavors they had left had artificial colors — so we decided not to give her any just yet and see how the night progressed.

Thirty minutes later she threw up again and I told my husband “Go NOW! Get the oils from Liz!” He wasn’t sure what he was going to get and I wasn’t exactly sure what he would bring back but we had to try something! Even if she had a 24 hr bug I didn’t want to be changing sheets and clothes all night long – especially IF there was something we could do to help my baby feel better.

He came home and rubbed diluted peppermint oil on our daughter’s tummy and thieves on our feet. (He had to apply the peppermint oil because it can dry up my supply. My supply actually decreased by the end of the next day just from smelling the oils on her!).

That night our daughter woke up every hour or so and my husband would apply the oil, then I would nurse her, and we would go back to sleep. The next morning she hadn’t thrown up in about 12 hours so I thought, “Oh! It was just something she ate yesterday that upset her tummy!” I didn’t wake my husband to apply the peppermint – I just nursed her without it. Before she even finished nursing one side she threw up.

It was then that I thought…hum…maaaaaybe just maaaaybe the oil helped. So I woke my hubby, he put more oil on her tummy, and I nursed her again and she kept it down. We applied the oil all weekend before every feeding and every meal and she never threw up again. We also kept applying thieves on our feet all weekend and none of us got the bug.

A few weeks later our daughter was constipated and I wondered if the peppermint oil would help her tummy again, so I grabbed some gloves, and rubbed some on her tummy. Within 20 minutes her tummy was totally at ease!

Within a week, my mom and I went to a class with Liz, and I got my Premium Starter Kit!

Since the oils arrived of my doorstep I have been using them to help heal bug bites, burns, headaches, allergies, snoring, and more!  I have also made many soaps, lotions, and bodywashes for my family.

I feel so blessed to be able to use these oils on my family!

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