Air Fresheners…Friend or Foe?

I love good smelling things but first lets get some facts straight! Synthetic fragrances from plug-ins and other various scented smelly things really do nothing to freshen the air. In fact, they are toxic and make people like me feel crummy. But they can do so much worse than that!

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), most store-bought air fresheners consist of formaldehyde, petrochemicals, p-dichlorobenzene and aerosol pollutants [source: EPA]. The agency’s “Indoor Guide to Air Quality” also notes that air fresheners “release pollutants more or less continuously [source: EPA].

One of the active ingredients in mothballs, 1,4 dichlorobenzene, also is present in many air fresheners. The EPA’s air quality guide lists this chemical as toxic since its vapors can affect respiratory function. Likewise, the U.S. National Institute of Health Sciences reported that the chemicals in air fresheners can reduce lung capacity and may hasten respiratory diseases [source: ScienceDaily].

Clearly these products do NOT belong around small children, much less in homes! If you really want to freshen the air and make your house smell good, consider using a diffuser to diffuse 100% pure essential oils instead. Many teachers diffuse Young Living oils in their classrooms, which the students love! It helps increase concentration while purifying the air. Unlike synthetic fragrance, essential oils are safe for asthmatics and are known to improve respiratory function.

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This is the diffuser I have and it came with the Premium Starter Kit I use with my family. It has been amazing to use at home! I just pour some filtered water into it, add a few drops of the oil I need and turn it on!

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