Care Club

What is the point of Care Club? Relationship building. Communication with your members. Planting seeds in their lives and investing in their future. And most importantly — taking care of them as their sponsor!

Want your members to experience the health and wellness that you have with Young Living? With Care Club, you will be able to show them how vitally important using Young Living in their daily lives is, and the products that you love. We need to go back to the basics, and start relationship building!

The idea of the Care Club is to share samples of Young Living oils / products with your personal enrollments and or members of your choosing in your organization for three consecutive months.

How do you choose members to be a part of Care Club? Below are some options you may consider…

1. Personal enrollments
2. Members who have not ordered since they signed up
3. Members who have not ordered in 6 months
4. Members who are not on Essential Rewards
5. Members in a leg that needs help supporting
6. Members about to go inactive

How does this work?
-For THREE months, choose 3-5 members (or whatever number of your choosing) who you want to send a couple of samples to. We recommend not sending DIY projects, but sticking to only Young Living oils and products. However, feel free to include a DIY recipe with the package if you like.

Example of a Care Package:

Oily Families already has care package ideas and graphics ready to print! Don’t reinvent the wheel or make it too hard! Keep it fun and simple! Check out the ideas and graphics here.

Other ideas:

-Wolfberry Crisp Bar
-Three Thieves Lozenges
-A sample of a favorite oil
-Personalized card (very important) from you of why you love these specific products
-Information and usage from the YL website about the products you’re sending
-Other helpful reading material such as YL pamphlets and information about Essential Rewards

Then, the next month, choose three other different Young Living oils and or products to send them samples of, and so forth, doing this a total of three months for each set of members. After those three months are over, choose another 3-5 members and start the process over again.

Relationship building and communication are HUGE with Care Club. Follow up with your members a few days after send their happy mail! Here is a template for an email!

Other resources:

– Here are more graphics that have already been made for other Care Club ideas! Please ask for a graphic before making one because chances are — there is one for you!

– Here are some common materials that I order from Amazon to help me assemble my care packages. I also find goody bags at Hobby Lobby and the Dollar Spot at Target!

– Yes, there is a huge Facebook group just for getting and sharing Care Club ideas. Just let me or your nearest leader know if you’d like to be added to it!

– A couple crossline Oily Family leaders (like Lauren Crews Dow) will be doing videos all year long talking about the Care Club, and showing you what is in their monthly packages.


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