Chemical Free Foaming Hand Soap

My husband sent me the article about the toxicity of the anti-bacterial triclosan that is in so many hand soaps and foaming soaps. Since I already knew Young Living Thieves Oil has exceptional cleaning power, I started my search for an oily foaming hand soap! I found one and we love it!

hand soap

Here is how I made my foaming soaps for the bathrooms and kitchen:

I found a deal at Kroger on these Dial Foaming bottles! I bought them for cheap, poured out the Dial, and rinsed out the bottles.

Then I added ½ teaspoon of vegetable glycerin (found at Sprouts or Amazon). You could also use a few drops of vitamin E oil, but I didn’t have any on hand so I used the glycerin.

Next, add 5 drops of your choice of Young Living Essential Oils. I chose Thieves for the kitchen, Lavender for the guest bathroom, and Purification for the other bathroom.

Add 3 tablespoons of Dr. Bronner’s Baby Mild Organic soap, then slowly fill it with filtered water.

Gently shake to mix and you are ready to enjoy the chemical free soap!


hand soap

Want an even easier DIY?

I have recently discovered how to make Young Living’s Thieves Foaming Handsoap Refill last longer — I refill the foaming pump HALF full with the Young Living refill and fill the rest with water! Fastest DIY ever! And even easier on my budget! refill

If you’re ready to go chemical free with your housecleaning products, I recommend the Thieves Starter Kit! You can get everything in this picture — it even comes TWO bottles of Thieves Household Cleaner, foaming hand soap, and other Thieves products to help you on your journey to a chemical free lifestyle!

Thieves-PSK (2)

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