DIY Essential Oils Carrying Case

Since I started using the essential oils from my Premium Starter Kit at home, I have realized that I need them with me in my diaper bag or purse when I am out and about! I tried just throwing them in a zipper pocket on my diaper bag and even a plastic zipper baggie. Then I started searching for an oily zipper pouch – but I decided to embellish one I have before spending money on a case! So I dug through my stash of little zipper pouches and found this perfect black pouch!  All I did was sew elastic to the inside to hold the bottles in place like this:

 DIY Essential Oils Carrying Case kindakrunchydotnet

The best thing about my black pouch is that I can pull out the lining!  If you are going to add elastic to a makeup bag you already have, it would be best for the lining to come out.  I pulled the lining out, measured how much elastic would be needed to hold different sizes of bottles, then pinned the elastic like this:

 essential oils carrying case diy

Yes, black elastic would look much classier but this is what I had on hand AND it makes it easier for you to see! Win/win! After you have your elastic sewn on, stuff the lining back into your case and BAM! You are ready to take your oils with you wherever you go!

 diy essential oils carrying case

Which oils do I keep in my case?

Well, it depends on where I’m going and what oils I’ve been using on my kids at home that day!  But the oils I usually grab are Thieves (roller bottle), Purification, Lavender, Di-Gize (roller bottle), PanAway, and my favorite – Stress Away!

New to oils?  Feel free to browse my blog, read my KindaKrunchy journey, and learn how and why I became a Young Living member.


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