Chemical Free Recipes: On a Budget

Hi there! Ready to see how this “Kinda Krunchy” mama has made her home chemical free on a budget?! Check our our favorite recipes! Find them here and here on Pinterest!






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Chemical Free Cleaning:: On A Budget

I just LOVE getting to clean my home without breathing chemicals!! I used vinegar for years but after discovering Thieves Household Cleaner, I’m totally hooked and will never go back to vinegar! This one bottle lasts me MONTHS!


Check out why it is easy on our budget:


I mix a capful into a 32 ounce bottle of water and use it to clean tubs, sinks, mirrors, toilets, floors…EVERYTHING!!


If you’re not already a Young Living member and you’re ready to go chemical free with your housecleaning products, I recommend the Thieves Starter Kit! You can get everything in this picture – it even comes TWO bottles of Thieves Household Cleaner and other Thieves products to help you on your journey to a chemical free lifestyle!



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Young Living Dishwasher Powder HACK!

I’ve had trouble finding the perfect dishwasher detergent! I have finally found a recipe that works well with our hard water and old dishwasher AND is easy on my budget! What is my secret?! I add half a scoop of Young Living’s Dishwasher Powder and about 1.5 Tablespoons to my DIY recipe and half a cup of vinegar in the bottom of my dishwasher! Here are the details:


Why do I love this hack?!

- It makes my Young Living Dishwasher Powder last three times as long

- Gets my dishes clean without the use of harsh chemicals

- Easy on the budget!

If you are ready to go chemical free with your housecleaning products, I recommend the Thieves Starter Kit! You can get everything in this picture then just add on the Young Living Dishwasher Powder!



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Young Living Toner::On a Budget

I LOVE Young Living’s essential oil infused skin care products! I know exactly what is going onto my skin and I love the way the essential oils support my skin! Want to hear how I hack the Young Living Toner? I just bought an amber glass spray bottle like this off of Amazon, then I fill it half full with distilled water and the other half with Young Living Toner! Then I can control how much I spray onto my cotton rounds and my fabulous toner lasts months and months! Try it!


You can learn more about Young Living Skin Care over here!

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Chemical Free Bath Gel Trick!

I’ve found the perfect way to 1) live chemical free and 2) go easy on my budget!

I love the Young Living Bath Gel scents (especially Lavender and Morning Start)! And I’m super excited that I’ve found a way to make the fabulous product last even longer! Here is what I do:


Here are some other DIY recipes and tips to make your Young Living products last even longer!

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Clean Your Machine

Anyone have a front loader washing machine? If so, it probably needs some TLC every now and then! My mom passed this awesome DIY Clean Your Machine recipe on to me and I wanted to share with you!

Clean Your Machine

Curious about how to order your own pure essential oils? Check out how I got started with Young Living! The kit I ordered came with these 11 oils! Plenty of oils for so many great DIY recipes!!

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DIY Hairspray!

Are you looking for an all natural alternative to chemical laden hairspray? Try this quick and easy hairspray recipe with just a few ingredients and your favorite essential oil! I’ve used it in my hair and curling my toddler’s hair and it is fantastic! Adjust the sugar for more or less hold depending on your needs!

DIY hairspray essential oils

Want some other DIY recipes? Check these out:

Stress Away Bath Salts

DIY Shaving Cream

DIY Poo-Pourri

DIY Camping/Outdoor Spray

DIY Hand Purifier

Not sure where to start when ditching chemicals out of your bathroom? Check out how to Ditch & Switch!

Ready to order your own essential oils? Check how I got started!

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Holiday Cooking with Young Living Essential Oils


Are you ready for the holidays?! Check out these recipes using your Young Living Essential Oils!

Pumpkin-Pie Ultimate-Gravy Turkey-Injection-Sauce Sweet-Potato-Casserole Southern-Cornbread-dressing Rosemary-Garlic-Mashed-Potatoes Orange-Honey-Glazed-Ham Lemon-Butter-Green-Beans Homemade-cranberry-sauce

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Strawberry & Orange Moscato

This Strawberry & Orange Moscato is so easy to make! And it is perfect for a party or a lazy weekend at home.

Strawberry and Orange Moscato

orange oil young living

Are you curious about using essential oils? Click here to become a member and join our (KindaKrunchy) Oily Family! I’ll send you guides and brochures to get started and a free gift after you enroll with me and get your Premium Starter Kit. You’ll get a whole kit AND get to choose your diffuser!! I’d love to help you on your journey to health and wellness through essential oils!

Perfect-PSK (1)


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YL Skin Care!

Last summer I went to a YL Beauty School class with 2 girlfriends. It was a blast and we learned so much! Here are the highlights from our class: 

Here is what I have posted on my bathroom mirror so that I remember which products to use each day!

skin routine

If you want to make your own massage oil, use this guide to help you! Add a few drops to fractionated coconut or sunflower oil!

signature blend

 I have found a few ways to make my Young Living skin care products last longer! Check out here how I stretch out my Young Living Toner and Bath Gel!

Here is my little tri-fold I use when teaching my skin care classes!

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