YL Black Friday 2018

AVAILABLE FRIDAY!!!! (and there is MORE coming Cyber Monday!)



Diffusers…20% Off!!!! Oh the goodness totally isn’t even close to done friends!!  Check this out! TWENTY percent off four different diffusers!! Come to mama!! This little lady is stocking up!! Desert Mist Diffuser $51.00, 30.60PV 21558D I hope you all have one of these beauties by now, but if not here is your chance!! The candlelight flicker setting is on point (yes I said candlelight…how awesome is that)! Not to mention all the other pretty colors you can set it to. I have this beauty in my office and it’s flipping gorgeous!

Lantern Diffuser $67.80, 40.60PV 23700D Young Living’s newest diffuser and they are putting it on sale!!! What what!  This diffuser is legit jaw dropping pretty…I love the detail on the metal and the glass panels. We have one in our kitchen – love, love, love. Rainstone Diffuser $139.80, 83.80PV 5331D Handmade with rare purple clay found only in a small region of China. Need I say more?? This is my husband’s favorite diffuser and also the one we keep in our daughter’s room. I love that it runs for 8 hours, the handy dandy remote and the pretty LED settings! It’s a steal for $139…seriously friends, don’t miss out on this one. Aria Diffuser $185.40, 111.40PV 4524D The MAC DADDY, get that jaw up off the floor, freaking gorgeous Aria. I cannot even believe it is part of this sale right now!! Like to feel like you live in a spa? Yes please! So pretty much…totally freaking out about now! Young Living you are so good to us!! We’ve got diffusers in nearly every room of our house and I will SO still be getting in on this sale! I’m so excited that there are no limits!! Hello amazing gifts!! And know what?? PLUS Every one of these diffusers comes with a FREE 5ml bottle of Peppermint AND 5ml bottle of Tangerine!! Holla for two free oils on top of the sale!!


NEW Roll-On Collection!!!❤️

Shut the front door..are you kidding me?!! This is the stuff dreams are made of!!! This incredible collection is an amazing, AMAZING DEAL and I just thought to myself last week why YL doesn’t have a roll-on collection yet?!! And well, here it is! It includes: Tranquil Roll-On Deep Relief Roll-On Valor Roll-On ❤️ Breathe Again Roll-On Stress Away Roll-On Rutavala Roll-On {ONLY available in this collection} ❤️ Thieves Roll-On Let’s all roll into the holiday season with a little more ease!! And there is a limited supply so don’t hesitate or you might miss out on this one! Let’s chat a little about these awesome blends in this collection shall we?? First, there is Thieves! Yes, please! This beautiful blend was my first love! In our house, we roll this puppy all over the bottoms of our kiddos’ feet every night before bed! We rest easy knowing our little ones have the natural tools they need to stay well throughout the holidays. RutaVaLa? Getting your hands on this blend is next to impossible! In fact, this is the ONLY way to grab a bottle of this coveted oil. Its been out of stock for as long as I can remember! So whats the big deal with RutaVala? Can anyone say SLEEP?! This calming blend will have you OUT faster than you can say “Good Night, Honey.” Take my word for it! Deep Relief- We know the holidays means a little more of everything. And a little more of EVERYTHING can lead to extra tension in those shoulders. Keep a bottle of Deep Relief in your purse or back pocket and you will always have the solution for your tight muscles. Stress Away- The perfect companion to Deep Relief when you have baking to do, shopping to complete, a tree to decorate, and parties to attend! Keep both of those bottles with you for a more relaxed and stress-free season! Tranquil- Who couldn’t use a little more of this in December! Its a great compliment to RutaVala for sleep, and I also find this one to be super helpful when I am feeling overwhelmed with ALL THE THINGS! A quick roll on my wrists and neck….I can feel the sigh of relief just thinking about it. Breathe Again- I love the synergy of this blend – four types of eucalyptus oil paired with peppermint, copaiba and myrtle! It’s invigorating and my lungs say thank you! Put a little pep in your step this season with this invigorating blend. Valor- Oh Valor, how I adore you! Are you an introvert that has to attend the work holiday party? Valor. Going to the family get together that usually ends in arguments? Valor. Singing in the Christmas Choir? Valor. Whatever the reason, grab Valor when you are needing a little more of it this season. Don’t wait! Grab yourself this collection before it is gone!!! +++++++++++++ LISTEN UP YOU PARTY PEOPLE!!! Individually priced these oils would cost 228PV wholesale!! So this is a heck of a deal as a special collection price!!! Plus…RUTAVALA HELLOOOOO!!! Item No.: 25649 Size: 10-ml roll-ons (7-count) Wholesale Price: $199.75 Retail Price: $262.83 PV: 199.75 Quick Order: Yes Essential Rewards: Yes, starting December 1 or while supplies last Launching at 8:00AM MT (10am ET, 9am CT, 7am PT) on Friday!!! Quick orders only and while supplies last!!! I cannot stress enough that items WILL sell out so make sure you’re ready on Friday morning!! Did I mention NO LIMITS!!! Oh yes, yes I did! NO LIMITS!!!


You will not even BE.LIEVE this list we are about to share with you. This is TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE… Except, wait…. it IS true!

ALLLLLLLL of these oils are TWENTY PERCENT OFF!!!! 20% OFF!! (I am NOT using my inside-voice.

5-ml Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood | 4746D | $78.00 | 78.00PV 15-ml Thieves | 3423D | $27.80 | 27.80PV 5-ml Valor | 3430D | $31.80 | 31.80PV 15-ml Lavender | 3575D | $19.40 | 19.40PV 5-ml Peace & Calming | 3398D | $27.80 | 27.80PV 5-ml Rose | 3623D | $152.80 | 75.00PV 5-ml Sacred Sandalwood | 19651D | $79.80 | 59.80PV 15-ml Peppermint | 3614D | $17.60 | 17.60PV 15-ml Copaiba | 3431D | $35.40 | 35.40PV ‍15-ml PanAway | 3390D | $65.40 | 65.40PV 15-ml Eucalyptus Radiata | 3538D | $15.80 | 15.80PV 15-ml Geranium | 3554D | $34.00 | 34.00PV 15-ml Lemon | 3578D | $9.20 | 9.20PV 15-ml ImmuPower | 3363D | $51.60 | 51.60PV 15-ml Tea Tree | 3587D | $21.40 | 21.40PV 5-ml Blue Tansy | 3084D | $75.80 | 75.80PV 15-ml Rosemary | 3626D | $12.80 | 12.80PV 5-ml White Angelica | 3428D | $23.00 | 23.00PV 15-ml Citronella | 3085D | $16.00 | 16.00PV 15-ml Orange | 3602D | $8.80 | 8.80PV 5-ml Vetiver | 3651D | $17.00 | 17.00PV 15-ml Cedarwood | 3509D | $9.20 | 9.20PV 5-ml Christmas Spirit | 3356D | $8.40 | 8.40PV 15-ml Eucalyptus Globulus | 3539D | $11.80 | 11.80PV 5-ml Lemon Vitality | 5625D | $5.00 | 5.00PV 5-ml Peppermint Vitality | 5628D | $8.20 | 8.20PV 5-ml Gentle Baby | 3362D | $17.40 | 17.40PV 5-ml Thieves Vitality | 5631D | $11.80 | 11.80PV 15-ml Joy | 3372D | $34.40 | 34.40PV 5-ml Lavender Vitality | 5590D | $9.60 | 9.60PV 15-ml Clove | 3524D | $12.60 | 12.60PV ☕️15-ml Bergamot | 3503D | $22.20 | 22.20PV 15-ml Oregano | 3605D | $22.80 | 22.80PV 15-ml Cypress | 3530D | $15.80 | 15.80PV 5-ml Frankincense Vitality | 5587D | $24.40 | 24.40PV 5-ml Orange Vitality | 5627D | $4.80 | 4.80PV 5-ml Ginger | 3557D | $10.80 | 10.80PV 5-ml Lime Vitality | 5591D | $4.60 | 4.60PV ‍15-ml Patchouli | 3608D | $27.80 | 27.80PV ‍5-ml PanAway | 3391D | $29.00 | 29.00PV 15-ml Raven | 3402D | $28.60 | 28.60PV 15-ml Endoflex | 3333D | $22.60 | 22.60PV 5-ml Spearmint | 3638D | $8.80 | 8.80PV ‍15-ml Clary Sage | 3521D | $39.00 | 39.00PV 15-ml Melrose | 3378D | $16.20 | 16.20PV 5-ml Citrus Fresh Vitality | 5619D | $6.00 | 6.00PV 5-ml SleepyIze | 5307D | $13.80 | 13.80PV TummyGize 5-ml TummyGize | 5305D | $10.40 | 10.40PV 15-ml Abundance | 3300D | $30.40 | 30.40PV 15-ml DiGize | 3324D | $27.00 | 27.00PV 15-ml Stress Away | 4630D | $24.40 | 24.40PV ‍♀️


Anybody else love to Rep their YL attire?

YL Gear couldn’t be forgotten, so they are having a sale too! 15%-50% off selected items Friday through Monday while supplies last!

If you haven’t checked out what they have, head on over to younglivinggear.com on Friday morning and take a look! They have YL branded clothing for Men, Women, and even Kids. Work out clothes, lounging clothes, but possibly my favorite products of theirs are the bags!

They have gorgeous make up bags, brush holders, even a backpack diaper bag that totally doesn’t have to be a diaper bag!! Pens, notebooks, coasters, show your love for Young Living in all the places!! (Those coaster are awesome, they are ceramic and have pics of some of the YL farms on them, gorgeous!) Watches, socks, and Purses, Oh My! Go check it out!!!

Can. You. EVEN!?????

I’ll update this list as deals are release!!!

🙂 Dayna


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