Thieves Mouthwash: On a Budget

Are you ditching the chemicals out of your bathroom? Don’t forget your mouthwash! Last year, I used the “Think Dirty, Shop Clean” app and scanned our favorite mouthwash and found this:

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So then we ditched those and switched to Thieves Mouthwash! No alcohol, synthetic dyes, artificial flavors, or preservatives! AND infused with essential oils! Hubby and I LOVE it! But want to see how we make it last longer?! We use this recipe our friend Holly shared with us!


Here is a DIY that I use during the day to freshen up!

DIY minty mouthwash

Here is an easy mouth freshener to keep in your car or purse! I used this bottle from Amazon!

DIY mouth freshener


Ready to order Thieves Mouthwash? Check this Thieves Premium Starter Kit (with lots of Thieves items!) and how I got started!

Thieves-PSK (2)

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