Tools for Sharing Young Living

sharing young living

I LOVE the Circle of Success book by Monique! Email me if you’re interested in a copy!

1. Sharing 

  • My favorite brochures to print & share (Embrace Wellness, EO Tri-fold Brochure)
  • Make your own sign up link by going here and adding your member number. Bookmark your link!
  • Prospects Log
  • Landscape or Portrait Business Cards you can print on your own or at Staples or! (Totally optional in my opinions! For about 11 months I used the Embrace Wellness brochure with the info as my “business card” but now I have a few printed to use when I meet other oily girls at Young Living events!)

2. Try/Buy

  • Mailing Samples – How To Video (Use the Prospect Log or a spiral to record who has received a sample so you can follow up with them! Also write down in your calendar to call/text them and check in if they received it and ask how much they love it!)
  • Remember — if someone says no, it is just “No for Now!” Keep them on your Prospect Log and check in every couple of week or so! If they say “no” let them know Young Living is referral based and ask them to send friends your way!
  • Go for No!!

3. Become a Member 

  • You have someone ready to enroll! Yay! PM/text/email them your link and offer to walk them through enrolling in person or over the phone.
  • Use a Member Log to keep track of your new members! Here are 2 ideas – pick on that works for you: New Member Log and Member Log 2
  • Send/Give your new member a Welcome Folder with:

Health Goals Planner (fill this out with them!)
Think Inside the Box

Gentle Babies Brochure

Enroll 3 = $150 bonus graphic with 3 EO Tri-fold Brochure

  • Plug them into Facebook groups (my monthly giveaway group & Oily ARMY) and invite them to FB classes that would interest them!
  • Tell them, “Let me know when you’re ready to place your 2nd order!” This way, if it is a large order, you can tell them about the monthly promotions, and if it is over 50pv you can share about Essential Rewards.
  • Call them 10 days from the day they enroll to check if their kit arrived and answer any questions they may have! Then check in on them every 3 weeks via text, call, or PM.

4. Fall in Love

  • Host Make & Takes, Beauty Class, What Next Classes, Ditch & Switch Classes, etc.
  • Pull them into FB groups/events
  • Care Calls—Nothing says Young Living Business like having a relationship with your people. Care Calls are really important! Listen to these:

Care Calls and keep track of them with this Meeting Details Sheet

Care Class Video #2
Care Call Audio Clip

5. Enroll in ER

6. Join the Team

  • People want to be a part of something fun and meaningful!
  • After your member has jumped in and is loving their oils, ask them if they would like to host a home class! More info in these 2 books:

Young Living Launched
Heart Centered Sharing with the 2015 update

 staying organized

Here is a list of my favorite tools to keep me focused and organized!

  • A great calendar — find one that works for you! I used a monthly planner from the $1 Store when I started sharing Young Living. I received my Erin Condren in the mail today — take a peek!


  • Fill out your actions/goals the night before! Life is busy so unless I have a “plan” or a “list” it doesn’t happen! Even if you just have 20 minutes a day to work on Young Living, chose a couple of actions from that list! Here are some tips from Alana!!

little by little