Summer Refresh for Kids’ Bedrooms: DIY Décor & Essential Oils

Is your child’s bedroom in need of a summer refresh? 🌞 Creating a fun, calming, and organized space can make a huge difference in their well-being and happiness. Let’s dive into some simple DIY decor projects, essential oils to transform your child’s bedroom! 🛏️✨

🖼️ DIY Decor Projects 🖼️
Diamond Art Paintings

Diamond art paintings are a fantastic summer project for kids!

These kits come with everything you need to create sparkling, beautiful artwork that can be proudly displayed in their room.

  • Supplies Needed: Diamond art kit, extra storage containers for diamonds
  • Pro Tip: Choose kits with their favorite characters or themes for added excitement.

Here are the kits my kids have finished and/or are working on:

  • The Nativity (The kids worked on it together! Then we framed it and gave to grandparents!
  • Space (for my tween son)

This organization kit was super helpful getting started and we’ve reused it three times already!

When the kids finish, we will grab a frame from Amazon or a local thrift shop and hang it in their room!

🌸 Essential Oils for a Calming Atmosphere 🌸

Benefits of Essential Oils Essential oils can help improve sleep and reduce anxiety, creating a peaceful environment for your little ones. Lavender is particularly known for its calming properties.

Using a Diffuser A diffuser is a great way to disperse essential oils in your child’s room. It’s easy to use and safe for kids.

  • Pro Tip: Use a few drops of lavender oil before bedtime to help them unwind.
  • Shop Kits: Diffuser and oils bundle (we have used this brand almost 11 years!)

KidScents Line from Young Living Young Living’s KidScents line is perfect for children! These oils are specially formulated for kids and include blends like SleepyIze for bedtime and GeneYus for focus during homework time.

  • Why Young Living? My kids have sensitive skin and broke into a rash with other brands of essential oils. I’m not sure what fillers were in the other brands, but they aren’t in YL’s! We are going on over 11 years strong of using YL in our home for our children, pets, cleaning, and hormone support!

Additional Resources for Busy Parents:

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