DIY Pumpkin Spice Room Spray

Hey there, fellow essential oil enthusiasts! πŸ‚ Ready to welcome fall into your home with open arms and a spritz of coziness? Get ready to take your senses on a spicy journey with our DIY Fall Room Spray. Grab an amber spray bottle, because we’re about to blend some autumn magic!

Ingredients You’ll Need:

  • 1/2 tablespoon of witch hazel (it’s like a wizard for this potion!)
  • 3 drops of Clove (that warm, comforting embrace)
  • 3 drops of Orange (sunshine and oranges, all in one)
  • 1 drop of Cinnamon Bark (because cinnamon makes everything better)

(These exact oils are also in our DIY Elderberry Syrup!)

Creating Your Autumn Elixir:

  1. Witch Hazel Wonder: Start by adding that half tablespoon of witch hazel to your spray bottle. It’s like our potion’s secret helper, making sure everything mixes perfectly.
  2. Drops of Autumn Joy: Now, add those precious drops of Clove, Orange, and Cinnamon Bark essential oils. It’s like bottling up the essence of a crisp fall day.
  3. Fill ‘Er Up: Almost there! Fill your bottle almost all the way with water. Leave just a tad of space at the top, so there’s room to shake things up.
  4. Shake, Shake, Shake: Attach the spray top securely and give your potion a good shake. You’re basically a mixologist of autumn scents now. Impressive, right?
  5. Time to Spritz: Ta-da! Your DIY Pumpkin Spice Room Spray is ready to dazzle. Give it a little spritz in any room for instant fall vibes.

Pro tip: Give it a gentle shake before each use to make sure those essential oils mix their magic perfectly.πŸπŸƒ

It’s time to cozy up and let the scents of fall dance around your home. Plus, you can totally impress your friends with your newfound potion-making skills. They’ll be asking, “How do you make your house smell like a dreamy autumn wonderland?” πŸ‚βœ¨

Remember, essential oils are potent, so a little goes a long way. Enjoy the warmth of Clove, the zing of Orange, and the comforting embrace of Cinnamon Bark. Happy fall, ya’ll! 🍁🍁

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