Poo-Pourri? What?!?

This is my most embarrassing. post. ever. But — when you are excited and find something that works, how can you not share?!?

 poo pourri essential oils kindakrunchy.net

So have you heard about the new poo-pourri craze? I thought it was crazy, but then I made it, put it in the bathroom for testing, and I can’t believe it works!

Basically, you make a spray bottle of water and essential oils, spritz it in the toilet bowl before you….need it….and then just enjoy the scent of essential oils! Here is how it works:

 poo pourri

Here is what you need:

Empty spray bottle
30 drops of Young Living Essential Oil
1 tsp. rubbing alcohol
Pinch of Epsom Salt

First, I put the rubbing alcohol and a pinch of Epsom Salt in the bottom of the spray bottle. Then I add my essential oils.  Feel free to change it up and use different combinations together! Then I filled with water and put on the lid. To use it, just shake and spritz 4-5 times into the water and you’re ready!

It works so well that I will make one for each bathroom! And my newly potty trained toddler loves spritzing it and then washing his hands after going potty with our chemical free foaming hand soap!

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